Cartoon Animal Ceramic Novelty Mugs - Set 1

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Make your morning coffee or afternoon tea a more joyful experience with our collection of cartoon animal ceramic novelty mugs. Let these little mini figurines charm you as you sip your steamy beverage and discover who’s waiting at the bottom of your cup!

This set is perfect for hosting gatherings and is ideal for fun-loving spirits of any age. The base is a soft turquoise blue that’s calming and the perfect aesthetic to complement any style kitchen or dining room.

Our mugs look great while being used as well as being stored as part of a display. Set your table with our delightful mugs and watch the smiles roll in as your guests line up to ask where you got such a unique set!

Ceramic Material

Dishwasher and Microwave Safe

Capacity: 220ml/7.44oz

Estimated shipping time: 2-4 weeks

Please be aware that shipping times may be longer due to disruptions and delays caused by Covid-19